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I was approached by the Poker Alliance team to redesign their website. Their existing site catered to the government side of their advocacy program. They wanted to appeal more to their grassroots supporters. They had already worked with a designer on a preliminary direction. They had some social assets created as well as a first draft of the homepage. My job was to take the beautiful, but very visually stylized homepage and bring it into a state that was easily built by developers. Given my front-end development experience, I have a good idea what can and can’t be done in a reasonable amount of time.


Poker Alliance uses a third party tool to register new users and display public information. This tool limited the user flow to a static one already in place. Some of the features we wanted to implement, such as a better map selector for region and better graphics for state-level legislation, were not possible with this third party tool. We worked around what we had the ability to do, which was change some basic style elements.



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