PowerApps Portal

The PowerApps maker portal is where users go to maintain and share their apps and related data. We were seeing a high drop-off rate from new users after entering the portal. Our initial goal was to increase click-through to the PowerApps studio, where users go to start making apps.

Existing layout
Existing state of PowerApps portal

Our first attempt was a simple CTA relocation. We added a “create new” button to a banner at the top of the page along with a short value prop to get users through to the studio and making apps.

HiFi first run
PowerApps portal with simple CTA added

Success!… Kind of. We increased the number of users going into the portal by 90%, which was our goal. But, the number of user who successfully created an app after entering was roughly the same as before.

Next steps

Given that we had a new goal, we went back to the drawing board. We did a few user studies to gather data and came up with a few hypotheses based on what we saw.


We saw that users were clicking through the left navigation to get their bearings and explore the product. Users stumbled on the advanced features will help new users understand the site structure better and not be overwhelmed by features not relevant to first time use.

Users had a hard time finding help resources while making their apps. Adding an easy place to view learning resources will help users be successful while creating their first app.

PowerApps isn’t for everyone. A lot of users coming to the landing page want to use apps, not make them. Surfacing a link to find existing apps will guide our consumer persona to the proper location.

PowerApps Wireframe
PowerApps Portal
High Fidelity

Going from wireframe to hifi we made a few compromises. First, we decided to postpone the nav simplification. There was concern from management about making a global change like this without more research. We started an IA study to get more data on what users expect to see. We also downplayed the find an app link to not compete with PowerApps’ primary purpose.