Sharepoint / Windows 8 apps

Physical Therapy App

This app concept integrated Kinect for PC to help with physical therapy. The app displays exercises while the kinect tracks your movement. Points are given for proper form. User data is sent to doctors to track their patient’s progress.

Physical Therapy

Siemens Field Intelligence App

The Field Intelligence app was designed for engineers in the field to quickly view critical stats on oil wells in the area. Since the users are on the road, the Surface was an ideal platform for this application.

Field Intelligence

BI Dashboard Framework

A generic dashboard framework was created to allow clients to input their own data. Our engineers built a number of hooks into the framework to integrate with BI applications.

BI dashboard

Sharepoint Legal Response System

The Sharepoint Legal Response framework is designed to be used by legal teams. This framework contains all tasks, documents, and meetings associated with cases. The intended users are members of corporate legal teams.

Legal Frameworks

Sharepoint HR Dashboard

The Sharepoint HR dashboard displays information around upcoming recruitment events, received applications, training materials, and headcount status. The end users are HR and recruitment departments for medium to large corporations.

Human Resources SharePoint Framework