Smartsheet for Android

The Smartsheet Android app was designed and built as a mobile solution for Smartsheet, which is an online SaaS platform for work management. v1.0 of the app was not feature parody with the main application. It was intended to enable users to view data and edit in a limited capacity.

IA / Wireframes

Like all projects, I start with a listing of screens needed by considering possible user flows within a given scope. That leads to basic pen and paper wireframes. Eventually I put them into a digital tool like Balsamiq to get a better sense of placement and to easily share to stakeholders.

User flow android

Wireframes Android Pen and Paper

Wireframes Android Digital

Visuals / Redlines

After wireframes were approved, I began laying out visuals. I relied on the existing Android styleguide to keep things consistent. I used a combination of Adobe tools to complete these. Redlines were provided to the developers. The devs were involved in the entire process so it was a fairly seemless transition. We kept an open dialogue leading up to launch to make sure rendering and animations looked good on all screen resolutions.

Smartsheet Android Mock-up

Android Redline 3 - Smartsheet Android Redline 2 - Smartsheet Android Redline 1 - Smartsheet


Post-Launch Marketing

In addition to the app design, I created marketing materials for launch. This included imagery for the Google Play store, email campaigns, and social media.

Play store imagery