Smartsheet Product UI/UX

Contacts Feature

The contacts feature in Smartsheet allows a user to assiciate a task or row in their sheet with a person on their contact list. A contact system needed to be designed to allow this functionality to occur. I was responsible for designing the part of the system that added contacts to a sheet as well as a shared user list.

Sheet-Level Contacts

Contact column type
Add contact popup
Auto-resolve to global contacts
Populated fields
Add to sheet
Contact in sheet

Contact Panel

Sharing Panel
Contact Popup
First contact selected
Second contact selected
Add new contact
Add contact popup
Filled out form
New contact shown

Contact Button Redlines

Resource Management Feature

Resource Management tracks the allocation of time for users in an organization across all of their projects. Paired with the contact feature, managing resources in Smartsheet becomes fairly simple. My task for this project was to create a resource management dashboard for admins and project managers, an admin panel, and sheet interactions.

Admin Page w/Redlines
Sheet integration