Spaceflight Marketing

Over the last two years I’ve been doing freelance work for Seattle based Spaceflight Industries. A few things I’ve worked on for them are mission launch patches, one pagers for conference handouts, t-shirt and swag design, and a variety of other print and digital media. I’m a huge space nerd so working for these folks has been really fun.

Mission Patches

These patches are designed to be embroidered and handed out to the launch team. The final diameter is around three inches. It’s interesting and challenging to keep designs simple enough to be embroidered but detailed enough to convey the core goals of the missions.


User Guide

Spaceflight came to me recently to create a large user guide for them. This is a fairly technical document and they wanted me to make it more visually interesting than the standard word doc they’d been using. Some of the competitive samples they gave me were from companies like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and Blue Origin. They tasked me with creating a catalog on par with these other corporations. They don’t have much in the way of a style guide so I pulled what I could from their website. In the end I created a new visual style for imagery that shows they’re a highly technical company without being too esoteric.


Who doesn’t love t-shirts? I designed this to be a kind of mobius strip to both mimic their logo and give the sense of an orbiting satellite. This was given to their interns at the end of summer 2017.